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Friday, April 15, 2016

New Puppy App Layout

Here is our new Puppy Davis, with his proud owner. After losing too many little darling dogs we are all hoping that he will be with us until old age. Todays cuteness.

Oh if your interested in this layout I made it on my ipad using Project Life App, you can also use it on your android phones or tablet too.

I created the page in the Project Life App & then saved it, opened it in another app called  Rhonna Designs , in this app I added the extra writing & decoration embellishments. Saved it & then I can get my 12 x 12 printed, either in a page or make a photobook.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Looks to be a fail, I was hoping to up load to my blog from my phone as this is where most of my photos of projects etc are quickest to get to. Looks like it's a fail as can't see my photo.
How disappointing. I'll look into a different app & see how I go. Until next time have fun.


Testing blogaway, mobile blogging app to see if my photos will show up.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MY OS Freind Thank you

A quick hello & a big thank you to my friend that I've never met IRL, Rosey , every time that I get stuck with giving my blog a tidy up Rosey always comes to save it!!! She is so talented & not just with codding, check out her blog & all the beautiful things she creates. Thank you & I so wish I could meet you for a cuppa in person.

Podcasts a must

Hey how are you all today, I've just discovered the The Scrap Gals Podcasts ,Tiffany & Tracy,  talk about interesting funny ladies, that help you to think about all sorts of things, mostly scrap related but also just lots of other stuff as well. On my android phone I have downloaded the App called Podcast Republic, search for "The Scrap Gals" and you have it, you can down load these interesting talks!!!  I've found my next favorite thing ha ha I sometimes listen to talking audio books while doing mundane jobs such as house work & even when I'm mowing on the ride on mower.

What have you listened to, what do you like to do while doing chores to help the jobs get done that much quicker? Feel free to comment & add links to your own blogs.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Hi all, if your visiting from my newly joined FB group, welcome. As you can see I really need some followers & hope that you come back & visit me often. I'm about to give this blog a face lift or maybe ever a complete move !!!! Hold your seats it could get scary as I'm a bit blog challenged to say the least.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Gathering, pinning, printing, sorting & hopefully making our Christmas Daily 2015 Album soon.
I'm taking an inside away from drought break to get this together while I can.
All I can say if your making your Album from scratch like I am. Google & Pinterest are your best friend!!! If you want to check out some of the goodies I will use this is my link. Wen's Pinterest for December Daily 2015

Watch this space  Until then have a safe great day.x